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KNOWN_ISSUES + minor changes to config files.

parent 527b0c1f
Features not supported
Here is a list of the most notable features that are not supported in the
current version of Knot.
* Dynamic updates
* Slave functionality (AXFR-in).
* RRSet rotation
* Root zone (Knot cannot serve the root zone)
* Other DNS classes than IN (CH, CS, HS)
* Unknown RR types (types in form TYPE1234)
Known bugs
* Certain malformed packets cause the server to crash.
* Some actions may not be fully thread-safe (e.g. removing expired zone).
* If some hashed domain name (NSEC3) contains other data than NSEC3 and RRSIG,
queries for this data will not be responded well (always answers NXDOMAIN).
......@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@
# knot.min.conf
# This is a sample of a minimal configuration file for Knot
# authoritative DNS server.
# For exhaustive list of all options see samples/knot.sample.conf
# in the source directory.
system {
identity "Knot minimal configuration";
storage "/tmp/knot-minimal";
# knot.conf.sample
# knot.sample.conf
# This is a sample configuration file for Knot authoritative DNS server.
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