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\defgroup debugging Project debugging API.
\defgroup logging Logging API.
\defgroup tests Unit tests.
\defgroup zoneparser Zone parser utility
\defgroup ctl Control utility
\mainpage CuteDNS API documentation.
CuteDNS is an open-source, high-performace, purely authoritative DNS server.
- ldns (at least 1.6.4):
- liburcu (at least 0.4.5):
- Compile the server.
- Compile the server (and all utilities).
$ make
- Parse and pre-process zones (output is stored in ***.dump file, where *** is
the file name of the original zone file).
<h2>Starting the server</h2>
<h3>Manual approach</h3>
1. Compile zones
$ bin/zoneparser -o samples/
$ bin/zoneparser -o other-zone.db
2. Run the server with the compiled zones (use -d to run as a daemon)
$ bin/cutedns other-zone.db
<h3>Using cutectl</h3>
- This approach currently supports only one zone file.
- Compiled zone is stored in user's home directory.
1. Add path to cutedns and zonecompiler executables to PATH
2. Compile zone
bin/zoneparser samples/
$ bin/cutectl compile samples/
- Run the server.
3. Run the server
bin/cutedns samples/
$ bin/cutectl start
<h2>API modules</h2>
<h2>Server modules</h2>
- \ref server
- \ref threading
- \ref network
......@@ -52,6 +73,9 @@ bin/cutedns samples/
- \ref statistics
- \ref debugging
- \ref logging
- \ref tests
<h2>Other modules</h2>
- \ref tests
- \ref zoneparser
- \ref ctl
......@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@ void help(int argc, char **argv)
" running Check if server is running.\n"
" compile <zone_name> <zone> Compile zone file.\n"
" (<zone_name> should be a fully-"
"qualified domain name.)",
" <zone_name> should be a fully-"
"qualified domain name\n",
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