Commit cdafd5e5 authored by Daniel Salzman's avatar Daniel Salzman

Merge branch 'update_report_time' into 'master'

Update report time

See merge request !690
parents af9f4da1 8cd4b423
......@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ static void process_requests(conf_t *conf, zone_t *zone, list_t *requests)
struct timespec t_end = time_now();
log_zone_info(zone->name, "DDNS, update finished, serial %u -> %u, "
"%.02f seconds", old_serial, new_serial,
time_diff_ms(&t_start, &t_end));
time_diff_ms(&t_start, &t_end) / 1000.0);
zone_events_schedule_at(zone, ZONE_EVENT_NOTIFY, time(NULL) + 1);
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