Commit c3535865 authored by Marek Vavruša's avatar Marek Vavruša

sig0: cleanup after rrset_new semantic change

parent 2aed3ee8
......@@ -38,11 +38,7 @@
static knot_rrset_t *sig0_create_rrset(void)
knot_dname_t *root = knot_dname_from_str(".");
knot_rrset_t *sig_record = knot_rrset_new(root, KNOT_RRTYPE_SIG,
knot_dname_free(&root, NULL);
return sig_record;
return knot_rrset_new((uint8_t *)"", KNOT_RRTYPE_SIG, KNOT_CLASS_ANY, NULL);
static void sig0_write_rdata(uint8_t *rdata, const knot_dnssec_key_t *key)
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