Commit 5f31a299 authored by Jan Kadlec's avatar Jan Kadlec

new_node: Fixed wrong free.

parent 9b5749b8
......@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ static knot_rrset_t *synth_rr(char *addr_str, synth_template_t *tpl, knot_pkt_t
knot_dname_t* qname = knot_dname_copy(qdata->name, &pkt->mm);
knot_rrset_t *rr = knot_rrset_new(qname, 0, KNOT_CLASS_IN, &pkt->mm);
if (rr == NULL) {
knot_dname_free(&qname, NULL);
knot_dname_free(&qname, &pkt->mm);
return NULL;
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