Commit 0b2428a7 authored by Libor Peltan's avatar Libor Peltan Committed by Daniel Salzman

offline_ksk: human readable timestamps in ksr and skr

parent dabbf340
......@@ -180,6 +180,14 @@ static void print_generated_message(void)
printf("generated at %s by Knot DNS %s\n", buf, VERSION);
static void print_header(const char *of_what, knot_time_t timestamp, const char *contents)
char date[64] = { 0 };
(void)knot_time_print(TIME_PRINT_ISO8601, timestamp, date, sizeof(date));
printf(";; %s %s %"PRIu64" (%s) =========\n%s", of_what, KSR_SKR_VER,
timestamp, date, contents);
static int ksr_once(kdnssec_ctx_t *ctx, char **buf, size_t *buf_size, knot_time_t *next_ksr)
knot_rrset_t *dnskey = NULL;
......@@ -190,8 +198,7 @@ static int ksr_once(kdnssec_ctx_t *ctx, char **buf, size_t *buf_size, knot_time_
ret = dump_rrset_to_buf(dnskey, buf, buf_size);
if (ret >= 0) {
printf(";; KeySigningRequest %s %"PRIu64" ===========\n%s",
KSR_SKR_VER, ctx->now, *buf);
print_header("KeySigningRequest", ctx->now, *buf);
ret = KNOT_EOK;
......@@ -278,8 +285,7 @@ static int ksr_sign_dnskey(kdnssec_ctx_t *ctx, knot_rrset_t *zsk, knot_time_t no
ret = key_records_dump(&buf, &buf_size, &r, true);
if (ret == KNOT_EOK) {
printf(";; SignedKeyResponse %s %"PRIu64" ===========\n%s",
KSR_SKR_VER, ctx->now, buf);
print_header("SignedKeyResponse", ctx->now, buf);
*next_sign = knot_get_next_zone_key_event(&keyset);
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