Commit 0300d107 authored by Daniel Salzman's avatar Daniel Salzman

tests-extra: improve settings comment

parent b5a36c72
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ debug = False
# KNOT_TEST_VALGRIND - valgrind binary if defined.
valgrind_bin = get_binary("KNOT_TEST_VALGRIND", "valgrind")
# KNOT_TEST_VALGRIND_FLAGS - valgrind flags.
# Server settings: "--leak-check=full --track-origins=yes --vgdb=yes --verbose --trace-children=yes --trace-children-skip=/usr/*sh,/bin/*sh"
# For nightly testing add --track-origins=yes
valgrind_flags = get_param("KNOT_TEST_VALGRIND_FLAGS",
"--leak-check=full --show-leak-kinds=all --vgdb=yes --verbose --trace-children=yes --trace-children-skip=/usr/*sh,/bin/*sh")
# KNOT_TEST_GDB - gdb binary.
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