Commit 73e33871 authored by Petr Špaček's avatar Petr Špaček

testtcp: run genreport tests in parallel

parent cdb33972
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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ def repeat_genreport(cycles: int):'genreport round {} / {}, output file {}'.format(
cycle, cycles,, stdin=ednscomp_input, stdout=ednscomp_output,
args=['genreport', '-m', '500', '-p', '-s', '-i', 'do', '-i', 'tcp', '-i', 'ednstcp'])
args=['genreport', '-m', '500', '-p', '-i', 'do', '-i', 'tcp', '-i', 'ednstcp'])
def check_env():
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