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docs: mention Dockerfile and Cythonization

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......@@ -15,6 +15,16 @@ The scanner tool does not check any of these and failure to provide
Software dependencies
Easiest way how to get the tool up and running is to use Docker image
from CZ.NIC Docker registry::
$ sudo docker run --network=host -v /home/test:/data
The image has all the tools installed in /usr/local/bin and is ready to run.
If you want to install everything yourself you will need:
1. The EDNS compliance test for single domain is actually done by
ISC's tool genreport which is available from this URL:
......@@ -24,5 +34,10 @@ Software dependencies
canonicalize zone files with some non-ASCII values.
This breaks processing on certain TLDs so always canonicalize the zone file.
3. ldns command line tool ldns-read-zone for zone canonicalization
3. For big zones it is advisable to compile python-dns library using Cython
as it provides ~ 30 % speedup. (The Docker image already has it.)::
$ pip3 install --install-option="--cython-compile" git+
4. ldns command line tool ldns-read-zone for zone canonicalization
and to strip out unnecessary data.
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