Commit f5d940f1 authored by Tomas Krizek's avatar Tomas Krizek

gitlabci: use

parent e26219cc
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......@@ -27,15 +27,7 @@ test:pep8:
<<: *test
- cp ci/ /tmp
- cp ci/ /tmp
- /tmp/
when: on_failure
expire_in: '1 hour'
- base.log
- head.log
- ci/
<<: *test
set -o nounset -o xtrace -o errexit
source "$(dirname "$0")/"
PYFILES=$(find . \
-path ./.git -prune -o \
-path ./contrib -o \
-type d -exec test -e '{}/' \; -print -prune -o \
-name '*.py' -print -o \
-type f -exec grep -qsm1 '^#!.*\bpython' '{}' \; -print)
: check if version under test does not produce critical errors
${PYTHON} -m pylint -j $(nproc) -E ${PYFILES}
: no critical errors, compare score between versions
rm -rf ~/.pylint.d
: get test results from common ancestor with master branch
git checkout --force --detach "${MERGEBASE}"
git clean -xdf
# set of Python files might have changed during checkout
PYFILES=$(find . \
-type d -exec test -e '{}/' \; -print -prune -o \
-name '*.py' -print -o \
-type f -exec grep -qsm1 '^#!.*\bpython' '{}' \; -print)
${PYTHON} -m pylint -j $(nproc) ${PYFILES} &> /tmp/base.log || : old version is not clear
echo ==================== merge base ====================
cat /tmp/base.log
echo ==================== merge base end ====================
: get test results from version under test
git checkout --force --detach "${HEAD}"
git clean -xdf
${PYTHON} -m pylint -j $(nproc) ${PYFILES} &> /tmp/head.log || : version under test is not clear
echo ==================== candidate version ====================
cat /tmp/head.log
echo ==================== candidate end ====================
: check if candidate version produced more messages than the base
grep '^|\(convention\|refactor\|warning\|error\).*+' /tmp/head.log \
&& { \
echo "New pylint message detected: Use diff base.log head.log and go fix it!"; \
exit 1; \
} \
|| echo "OK, no new pylint messages detected"
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