Commit b311113b authored by Štěpán Balážik's avatar Štěpán Balážik

pylint: fix redefined-variable-type

parent 03213062
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......@@ -91,9 +91,11 @@ def recvfrom_msg(stream, raw=False):
addr = stream.getpeername()[0]
raise NotImplementedError("[recvfrom_msg]: unknown socket type '%i'" % stream.type)
if not raw:
data = dns.message.from_wire(data, one_rr_per_rrset=True)
return data, addr
if raw:
return data, addr
msg = dns.message.from_wire(data, one_rr_per_rrset=True)
return msg, addr
def sendto_msg(stream, message, addr=None):
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