Commit 8c8cd69a authored by Tomas Krizek's avatar Tomas Krizek

pylint: enable additional checks

parent 5c9d7f8d
...@@ -5,15 +5,12 @@ disable= ...@@ -5,15 +5,12 @@ disable=
too-few-public-methods, too-few-public-methods,
too-many-arguments, too-many-arguments,
too-many-locals, too-many-locals,
too-many-branches, too-many-branches,
too-many-instance-attributes, too-many-instance-attributes,
fixme, fixme,
unused-import, # checked by flake8 unused-import, # checked by flake8
line-too-long, # checked by flake8 line-too-long, # checked by flake8
invalid-name, invalid-name,
global-statement, global-statement,
no-else-return, no-else-return,
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