Commit 870b2f4f authored by Petr Špaček's avatar Petr Špaček

Merge branch 'ci-mypy-tools' into 'master'

ci/mypy: run checks separately for tools

See merge request !151
parents 7f462b3c a94c8ef7
Pipeline #44768 passed with stage
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...@@ -3,11 +3,15 @@ set -o nounset -o errexit ...@@ -3,11 +3,15 @@ set -o nounset -o errexit
source "$(dirname "$0")/" source "$(dirname "$0")/"
PYFILES=$(find . \ PYFILES=$(find . \
-path ./.git -prune -o \ -path ./.git -prune -o \
-path ./contrib -o \ -path ./contrib -o \
-type d -exec test -e '{}/' \; -print -prune -o \ -path ./tools -prune -o \
-name '*.py' -print -o \ -type d -exec test -e '{}/' \; -print -prune -o \
-type f -exec grep -qsm1 '^#!.*\bpython' '{}' \; -print) -name '*.py' -print -o \
-type f -exec grep -qsm1 '^#!.*\bpython' '{}' \; -print)
set -e set -e
${PYTHON} -m mypy --ignore-missing-imports ${PYFILES} ${PYTHON} -m mypy --ignore-missing-imports ${PYFILES}
# tools
${PYTHON} -m mypy --ignore-missing-imports tools
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