Commit 70a47af0 authored by Grigorii Demidov's avatar Grigorii Demidov

docs: some additions

parent 14be4fb9
......@@ -64,6 +64,17 @@ Next keys can be used
**features** : jinja2_varN=vN
- **feature-list** : jinja_var=value
single key=value pair; key and value are strings; similar to **features**, it contains
user-defined jinja2 template variable, but difference is that jinja_var behaves as list
of values; each **feature-list** row appends ``v`` to the list named ``jinja_var``;
you can use loops in your jinja template to iterate through it
feature-list: policy=policy:add(policy.suffix(policy.DENY, {todname('')}))
feature-list: policy=policy:add(policy.all(policy.FORWARD('2001:DB8::1')))
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