Commit 661f009b authored by Grigorii Demidov's avatar Grigorii Demidov

doc: new STEP CHECK_ANSWER functionality was described

parent 0c9d9511
......@@ -115,9 +115,8 @@ Format
- **QUERY** - at this step new query must be sent
- **REPLY** - send answer to last query; steps of this type fired when eligible
**RANGE** datablock can not be found
- **CHECK_ANSWER** - last received answer must be checked
- **TIME_PASSES** - new time must be passed to binary under test;
**TIMESTAMP** - POSIX timemestamp.
- **CHECK_ANSWER** - last received answer must be checked; this step can have additional fields **RETRY** = `integer value` **PAUSE** = `float value` **NEXT** = `integer value`. This additional values are intended to ensure error recovery possibility. When answer checking failed, is possible to take step with predefined step id. For example, **STEP CHECK_ANSWER RETRY** = `3` **PAUSE** = `0.5` **NEXT** = `10` means that when current step fails, then step with id = 10 must be taken after pause. Pause duration is 0.5 seconds. Maximal number of retries is 3. When maximal number of retries is reached, scenario fails.
- **TIME_PASSES ELAPSE** - new time must be set for binary under test; **TIMESTAMP** - POSIX timemestamp, it will be added to current system time.
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