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docs: py.test runner

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......@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@ Deckard requires following software to be installed:
- dnspython_ - DNS library for Python
- Jinja2_ - template engine for generating config files
- PyYAML_ - YAML parser for Python
- pytest_ - testing framework for Python, used for running the test cases
- pytest-xdist_ - module for pytest for distributed testing
- custom C libraries (installed automatically, see below)
For convenient use it is strongly recommended to have a C compiler, Git, and ``make`` available.
......@@ -88,3 +90,5 @@ Happy testing.
.. _`libfaketime`:
.. _`modified socket_wrapper`:
.. _`original socket_wrapper`:
.. _`pytest`:
.. _`pytest-xdist`:
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