Commit 2054fa11 authored by Petr Špaček's avatar Petr Špaček

deckard: document basic functions in query/answer processing

parent db7c1c32
......@@ -404,7 +404,12 @@ class Range:
return False
def reply(self, query):
""" Find matching response to given query. """
Get answer for given query (adjusted if needed).
(DNS message object) or None if there is no candidate in this range
self.received += 1
for candidate in self.stored:
......@@ -539,7 +544,11 @@ class Step:
def __query(self, ctx, tcp = False, choice = None, source = None):
""" Resolve a query. """
Send query and wait for an answer (if the query is not RAW).
The received answer is stored in self.answer and ctx.last_answer.
if len( == 0:
raise Exception("query definition required")
if[0].is_raw_data_entry is True:
......@@ -637,10 +646,16 @@ class Scenario:
self.force_ipv6 = False
def reply(self, query, address = None):
""" Attempt to find a range reply for a query. """
step_id = 0
Generate answer packet for given query.
The answer can be DNS message object or a binary blob.
(answer, boolean "is the answer binary blob?")
current_step_id = 0
if self.current_step is not None:
step_id =
current_step_id =
# Unknown address, select any match
# TODO: workaround until the server supports stub zones
all_addresses = set()
......@@ -650,12 +665,12 @@ class Scenario:
address = None
# Find current valid query response range
for rng in self.ranges:
if rng.eligible(step_id, address):
if rng.eligible(current_step_id, address):
self.current_range = rng
return (rng.reply(query), False)
# Find any prescripted one-shot replies
for step in self.steps:
if < step_id or step.type != 'REPLY':
if < current_step_id or step.type != 'REPLY':
candidate =[0]
......@@ -11,7 +11,13 @@ import binascii
from dprint import dprint
def recvfrom_msg(stream, raw = False):
""" Receive DNS/UDP/TCP message. """
Receive DNS message from TCP/UDP socket.
if raw == False: (DNS message object, peer address)
if raw == True: (blob, peer address)
if stream.type == socket.SOCK_DGRAM:
data, addr = stream.recvfrom(4096)
elif stream.type == socket.SOCK_STREAM:
......@@ -156,7 +162,13 @@ class TestServer:
return addrlist;
def handle_query(self, client):
""" Handle incoming queries. """
Receive query from client socket and send an answer.
True if client socket should be closed by caller
False if client socket should be kept open
client_address = client.getsockname()[0]
query, addr = recvfrom_msg(client)
if query is None:
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