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    layer: refactor and better describe the API · cc47973e
    Vladimír Čunát authored
    - The API and ABI for modules changes slightly (details below).
      KR_MODULE_API is bumped to avoid loading incompatible code.
      We have bumped libkres ABIVER since the last release 1.1.1,
      so leaving that one intact.
    - Make KR_STATE_YIELD not reuse 0 value anymore.
      It's easy to e.g. return kr_ok() by mistake.
    - struct kr_layer_t:
      * ::mm was unused, uninitialized, etc.
      * Make ::state an int, as it was everywhere else.
      * void *data was ugly and always containing struct kr_request *
    - struct kr_layer_api:
      * Drop the void* parameter from ::begin, as it was only used
        for the request which is available as ctx->req anyway
        (formerly ctx->data).
      * Drop ::fail.  It wasn't even called.  Modules can watch for
        KR_STATE_FAIL in ::finish.
    - Document the apparent meaning of the layer interface, deduced mainly
      from the way it's used in the code.  Caveats:
      * enum knot_layer_state handling seems to assume that it holds exactly
        one of the possibilities at a time.  The cookie module does NOT
        follow that (intentionally), apparently depending on the exact
        implementation of the handling at that moment.  It feels fragile.
      * I was unable to deduce a plausible description of when ::reset is
        called.  It's practically unused in modules, too.
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