Commit e86a9711 authored by Vladimír Čunát's avatar Vladimír Čunát

NEWS + docs: the aho-corasick update

Fixes knot/knot-resolver#200
parent f16a04ab
- policy.suffix: update the aho-corasick code (#200)
Knot Resolver 1.3.2 (2017-07-28)
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ There are several policies implemented:
- applies action if QNAME matches `regular expression <>`_
* ``suffix``
- applies action if QNAME suffix matches given list of suffixes (useful for "is domain in zone" rules),
uses `Aho-Corasick`_ string matching algorithm implemented by `@jgrahamc`_ (CloudFlare, Inc.) (BSD 3-clause)
uses `Aho-Corasick`_ string matching algorithm `from CloudFlare <>`_ (BSD 3-clause)
* ``rpz``
- implementes a subset of the RPZ_ format. Currently it can be used with a zonefile, a binary database support is on the way. Binary database can be updated by an external process on the fly.
* custom filter function
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