Commit dd6e98ff authored by Petr Špaček's avatar Petr Špaček Committed by Vladimír Čunát

http: remove /feed from docs

/feed disappeared in v1.1.0 and never worked since then.
fixup! 6887a4a2
parent d562a46f
......@@ -97,7 +97,6 @@ The HTTP module has several built-in services to use.
"``/stats``", "Statistics/metrics", "Exported metrics in JSON."
"``/metrics``", "Prometheus metrics", "Exported metrics for Prometheus_"
"``/feed``", "Most frequent queries", "List of most frequent queries in JSON."
"``/trace/:name/:type``", "Tracking", "Trace resolution of the query and return the verbose logs."
Enabling Prometheus metrics endpoint
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