Commit cf3f9e2c authored by Marek Vavruša's avatar Marek Vavruša

lib/zonecut: resolve zone cut addresses on-demand

parent 9e1ea20b
......@@ -207,23 +207,6 @@ int kr_zonecut_set_sbelt(struct kr_zonecut *cut)
return kr_ok();
/** Fetch address for zone cut. */
static void fetch_addr(struct kr_zonecut *cut, const knot_dname_t *ns, uint16_t rrtype, namedb_txn_t *txn, uint32_t timestamp)
knot_rrset_t cached_rr;
knot_rrset_init(&cached_rr, (knot_dname_t *)ns, rrtype, KNOT_CLASS_IN);
if (kr_cache_peek_rr(txn, &cached_rr, &timestamp) != 0) {
for (uint16_t i = 0; i < cached_rr.rrs.rr_count; ++i) {
knot_rdata_t *rd = knot_rdataset_at(&cached_rr.rrs, i);
if (knot_rdata_ttl(rd) > timestamp) {
(void) kr_zonecut_add(cut, ns, rd);
/** Fetch best NS for zone cut. */
static int fetch_ns(struct kr_zonecut *cut, const knot_dname_t *name, namedb_txn_t *txn, uint32_t timestamp)
......@@ -235,12 +218,11 @@ static int fetch_ns(struct kr_zonecut *cut, const knot_dname_t *name, namedb_txn
return ret;
/* Fetch address records for this nameserver */
/* Insert name servers for this zone cut, addresses will be looked up
* on-demand (either from cache or iteratively) */
for (unsigned i = 0; i < cached_rr.rrs.rr_count; ++i) {
const knot_dname_t *ns_name = knot_ns_name(&cached_rr.rrs, i);
kr_zonecut_add(cut, ns_name, NULL);
fetch_addr(cut, ns_name, KNOT_RRTYPE_A, txn, timestamp);
fetch_addr(cut, ns_name, KNOT_RRTYPE_AAAA, txn, timestamp);
return kr_ok();
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