Commit 9ff3337d authored by Vladimír Čunát's avatar Vladimír Čunát Committed by Petr Špaček

NEWS: collect notable items up to now

parent f3d48f1c
Knot Resolver 2.X.Y (2018-0M-DD)
Incompatible changes
- systemd: more chages in default unit files (TODO)
- detect_time_jump module: don't clear cache on suspend-resume (#284)
- stats module: fix stats.list() returning nothing, regressed in 2.0.0
- policy.TLS_FORWARD: refusal when configuring with multiple IPs (#306)
- fix the hints module on some systems, e.g. Fedora (came back on 2.0.0)
- build with older gnutls (conditionally disable features)
Knot Resolver 2.0.0 (2018-01-31)
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