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doc+NEWS: changes related to full-forward

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Knot Resolver 1.3.0 ? (2017-05-??)
Knot Resolver 1.3.0 (2017-06-??)
......@@ -10,7 +10,9 @@ Security
- allow answering from cache in non-iterative modes (#122)
- major feature: support for forwarding with validation (#112).
The old policy.FORWARD action now does that; the previous non-validating
mode is still avaliable as policy.STUB except that also uses caching (#122).
- command line: specify ports via @ but still support # for compatibility
- policy: recognize as local addresses
- layer/iterate: *do* retry repeatedly if REFUSED, as we can't yet easily
.. _mod-policy:
Query policies
Query policies
This module can block, rewrite, or alter inbound queries based on user-defined policies.
......@@ -24,14 +24,16 @@ There are several defined actions:
* ``DENY`` - return NXDOMAIN answer
* ``DROP`` - terminate query resolution, returns SERVFAIL to requestor
* ``TC`` - set TC=1 if the request came through UDP, forcing client to retry with TCP
* ``FORWARD(ip)`` - forward query to given IP and proxy back response (stub mode);
it can be a single IP (string) or a list of up to four IPs.
* ``FORWARD(ip)`` - solve a query via forwarding to an IP while validating and caching locally;
the parameter can be a single IP (string) or a lua list of up to four IPs.
* ``STUB(ip)`` - similar to ``FORWARD(ip)`` but *without* attempting DNSSEC validation.
Each request may be either answered from cache or simply sent to one of the IPs with proxying back the answer.
* ``MIRROR(ip)`` - mirror query to given IP and continue solving it (useful for partial snooping)
* ``REROUTE({{subnet,target}, ...})`` - reroute addresses in response matching given subnet to given target, e.g. ``{'', ''}`` will rewrite '' to '', see :ref:`renumber module <mod-renumber>` for more information.
* ``QTRACE`` - pretty-print DNS response packets into the log (useful for debugging weird DNS servers).
* ``FLAGS(set, clear)`` - set and/or clear some flags for the query. There can be multiple flags to set/clear, combined by ``bit.bor`` from ``kres.query.*`` values.
.. warning:: The policy module only looks at the inbound DNS queries. Thus the ``FORWARD(ip)`` policy does only forward inbound query to the specified IP address(es) and it doesn't and it can't do DNSSEC validation. If you need DNSSEC validation, you either need to disable ``FORWARD(ip)`` policy or use an upstream DNSSEC-validating resolver.
.. warning:: The policy module currently only looks at whole DNS requests. The rules won't be re-applied e.g. when following CNAMEs.
.. note:: The module (and ``kres``) expects domain names in wire format, not textual representation. So each label in name is prefixed with its length, e.g. "" equals to ``"\7example\3com"``. You can use convenience function ``todname('')`` for automatic conversion.
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