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doc: add lua API changes

I intentionally didn't mark the function names as code or similar,
as changing formatting every other word seemed too visually distracting.
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Knot Resolver 2.x.0 (2018-0M-DD)
Knot Resolver 3.0.0 (2018-08-DD)
Incompatible changes
......@@ -6,6 +6,9 @@ Incompatible changes
- cache: fail lua cache operations if it isn't open (!639)
Note that by default cache is open *after* reading the configuration,
and older versions were silently doing nothing.
- only knot >= 2.7.1 is supported, which brings also larger API changes;
in case you wrote custom modules, please consult:
......@@ -277,4 +277,38 @@ As described in the layers, you can not only retrieve information about current
.. _libknot:
.. _bindings:
Significant Lua API changes
Incompatible changes since 3.0.0
In the main ``kres.*`` lua binding, there was only change in struct knot_rrset_t:
- constructor now accepts TTL as additional parameter (defaulting to zero)
- add_rdata() doesn't accept TTL anymore (and will throw an error if passed)
In case you used knot_* functions and structures bound to lua:
- knot_dname_is_sub(a, b): knot_dname_in_bailiwick(a, b) > 0
- knot_rdata_rdlen(): knot_rdataset_at().len
- knot_rdata_data(): knot_rdataset_at().data
- knot_rdata_array_size(): offsetof(struct knot_data_t, data) + knot_rdataset_at().len
- struct knot_rdataset: field names were renamed to .count and .rdata
- some functions got inlined from headers, but you can use their kr_* clones:
kr_rrsig_sig_inception(), kr_rrsig_sig_expiration(), kr_rrsig_type_covered().
Note that these functions now accept knot_rdata_t* instead of a pair
knot_rdataset_t* and size_t - you can use knot_rdataset_at() for that.
- knot_rrset_add_rdata() doesn't take TTL parameter anymore
- knot_rrset_init_empty() was inlined, but in lua you can use the constructor
- knot_rrset_ttl() was inlined, but in lua you can use :ttl() method instead
- knot_pkt_qname(), _qtype(), _qclass(), _rr(), _section() were inlined,
but in lua you can use methods instead, e.g. myPacket:qname()
- knot_pkt_free() takes knot_pkt_t* instead of knot_pkt_t**, but from lua
you probably didn't want to use that; constructor ensures garbage collection.
.. |---| unicode:: U+02014 .. em dash
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