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    doc: kresd.systemd belongs in section 7 of the manual · 23c8ffbf
    Daniel Kahn Gillmor authored
    "man man" says that the sections are:
           1   Executable programs or shell commands
           2   System calls (functions provided by the kernel)
           3   Library calls (functions within program libraries)
           4   Special files (usually found in /dev)
           5   File formats and conventions eg /etc/passwd
           6   Games
           7   Miscellaneous  (including  macro  packages  and  conventions), e.g.
               man(7), groff(7)
           8   System administration commands (usually only for root)
           9   Kernel routines [Non standard]
    Since there is no command named kresd.system it does not belong in
    section 8.
    Section 7 includes conventions and useful patterns like gitcli(7),
    which seems more similar to the documentation that is supplied in
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