Commit 2c58b784 authored by Marek Vavruša's avatar Marek Vavruša

modules/http: fix compatibility with the Prometheus text format

The Prometheus text format requires histogram parameters to be quoted,
and the result to end with an empty newline characted.
parent c7a99b17
......@@ -133,11 +133,11 @@ local function serve_prometheus()
-- as a timeout (3000ms) for metrics purposes
count = count + e[2]
sum = sum + e[2] * (math.min(tonumber(e[1]), 3000.0))
table.insert(render, string.format('latency_bucket{le=%s} %f', e[1], count))
table.insert(render, string.format('latency_bucket{le="%s"} %f', e[1], count))
table.insert(render, string.format('latency_count %f', count))
table.insert(render, string.format('latency_sum %f', sum))
return table.concat(render, '\n')
return table.concat(render, '\n') .. '\n'
-- Export endpoints
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