Commit f8551658 authored by Karel Slaný's avatar Karel Slaný

Fixed error in echo mode conversion.

parent 516b91f8
......@@ -42,18 +42,17 @@
* @return Echo mode as defined in QLineEdit.
QLineEdit::EchoMode toLineEditEchoMode(
enum Dialogues::EchoMode echoMode)
QLineEdit::EchoMode toLineEditEchoMode(enum Dialogues::EchoMode echoMode)
switch (echoMode) {
case Dialogues::EM_NORMAL:
return QLineEdit::Normal;
case Dialogues::EM_PWD:
return QLineEdit::NoEcho;
return QLineEdit::Password;
case Dialogues::EM_NOECHO:
return QLineEdit::Password;
return QLineEdit::NoEcho;
case Dialogues::EM_PWD_ECHOONEDIT:
return QLineEdit::PasswordEchoOnEdit;
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