Commit f2cb8547 authored by Karel Slaný's avatar Karel Slaný

Mentioning missing members in QmlIsdsEnvelope.

parent b85c9891
......@@ -34,6 +34,8 @@
class QmlIsdsEnvelope : public QObject, public Isds::Envelope {
/* isNull */
Q_PROPERTY(qint64 dmId READ dmId WRITE setDmId NOTIFY dmIdChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(QString dmSenderOrgUnitNumStr READ dmSenderOrgUnitNumStr WRITE setDmSenderOrgUnitNumStr NOTIFY dmSenderOrgUnitNumStrChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(QString dmRecipientOrgUnitNumStr READ dmRecipientOrgUnitNumStr WRITE setDmRecipientOrgUnitNumStr NOTIFY dmRecipientOrgUnitNumStrChanged)
......@@ -49,11 +51,14 @@ class QmlIsdsEnvelope : public QObject, public Isds::Envelope {
Q_PROPERTY(QString dmRecipientAddress READ dmRecipientAddress WRITE setDmRecipientAddress NOTIFY dmRecipientAddressChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(enum Isds::Type::NilBool dmAmbiguousRecipient READ dmAmbiguousRecipient WRITE setDmAmbiguousRecipient)
/* dmOrdinal */
Q_PROPERTY(enum Isds::Type::DmState dmMessageStatus READ dmMessageStatus WRITE setDmMessageStatus NOTIFY dmMessageStatusChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(qint64 dmAttachmentSize READ dmAttachmentSize WRITE setDmAttachmentSize NOTIFY dmAttachmentSizeChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(QDateTime dmDeliveryTime READ dmDeliveryTime WRITE setDmDeliveryTime NOTIFY dmDeliveryTimeChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(QDateTime dmAcceptanceTime READ dmAcceptanceTime WRITE setDmAcceptanceTime NOTIFY dmAcceptanceTimeChanged)
/* dmHash */
Q_PROPERTY(QByteArray dmQTimestamp READ dmQTimestamp WRITE setDmQTimestamp NOTIFY dmQTimestampChanged)
/* dmEvents */
Q_PROPERTY(QString dmSenderOrgUnit READ dmSenderOrgUnit WRITE setDmSenderOrgUnit NOTIFY dmSenderOrgUnitChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(qint64 dmSenderOrgUnitNum READ dmSenderOrgUnitNum WRITE setDmSenderOrgUnitNum NOTIFY dmSenderOrgUnitNumChanged)
......@@ -76,6 +81,9 @@ class QmlIsdsEnvelope : public QObject, public Isds::Envelope {
Q_PROPERTY(enum Isds::Type::NilBool dmAllowSubstDelivery READ dmAllowSubstDelivery WRITE setDmAllowSubstDelivery NOTIFY dmAllowSubstDeliveryChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(QChar dmType READ dmType WRITE setDmType NOTIFY dmTypeChanged)
/* dmOVM */
/* dmPublishOwnID */
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