Commit 42d323a3 authored by Karel Slaný's avatar Karel Slaný

Version bump.

parent ac87fe05
1.0.1 / 2017-01-12
* Fixed text size in page headers.
* Removed global variables used for navigation in QML code.
* Menu pages are removed from page stack after a sub-page has been entered.
* Headers of read (already displayed) messages in message list are shown in
different colours.
* Fixed inability to add a new user account directly after application
* Moved the enter PIN field on locking screen up in order ton to interfere
with an on-screen keyboard.
* Added support for locking the application when using PIN after
a user-defined period of inactivity or when suspended.
1.0.0 / 2016-12-20
* Repeatedly asking for password or OTP code when login fails.
* Added paste button into text-query dialogue on Android devices.
......@@ -4,9 +4,9 @@ TEMPLATE = app
APP_NAME = Datovka
# winphone|winrt target.
winphone|winrt {
} else {
VERSION = 1.0.0
VERSION = 1.0.1
DESCRIPTION = "Mobile client for ISDS"
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