Commit 3e43a72c authored by Karel Slaný's avatar Karel Slaný

Updated change log.

parent fb4ae43f
1.6.5 /
* Able to access iCloud to read/store attachments and messages on iOS devices.
* Fixed opening of newly added attachments when creating a message.
* Adding attachments into generated emails on Android devices.
* Modified scripts for building OpenSSL libraries for Android.
* Fixed layout of come control elements because of transition to Qt-5.11.3.
* Replaced some deprecated code because of using iOS SDK 12.
* Able to access files on iCloud and local storage on iOS devices.
* Checking for permission to access storage when starting the application on
Android devices.
* Deleting message from local storage after they really are deleted from the
server (i.e. they are deleted after 91 days from the database).
1.6.4 / 2019-01-16
* Fixed manifest file on Android. Restricted Datovka to open ZFO files.
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