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Updated change log file.

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0.0.2 / YYYY-MM-DD
* Added explicit clipboard menu when compiling for Android platforms.
* Application PIN is managed via a separate menu.
* Spin-boxes are used to set font size and lifespan of messages in database.
* Moved to Qt Quick Controls 2.0. Application does not support native menus.
Native clipboard operations on iOS are supported. Fixes problem with
positioning of pop-up menus. When entering passwords or PIN codes then all
except the last one for a short period are hidden.
* Added explicit database clean-up action.
* Improved appearance of the splash screen. Support for landscape orientation.
* Font size can be set by the user in settings page.
* Attempted to mitigate font-related problems on iOS platforms on first
* Fixed potential resource leaks as reported by static analysis tools.
* Fixed problems with preparation of translation files.
* Fixed problems with disappearing busy indicator in status bar.
* Removed quit action from main menu. Use the standard OS-specific way to
shut the application down.
* Fixed problems with main logo appearance on devices with retina display.
0.0.1 / 2016-10-13
* First prototype of application mobile Datovka (alfa version for testing).
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